10 September 11th Activities for Families

September 11th 9/11

If you’re looking for activities you can do as a family to educate your children on the events of 9/11, September 11th and honor the lives lost and the heroes who rescued so many, here are ten things you can do for Patriot Day! Observe September 11th or Patriot Day with these educational, honoring, and connecting activities.

10 Ideas to Observe & Honor 9/11 Heroes on September 11th

  1. Books to Read about September 11th http://www.thinkgrowgiggle.com/2019/08/8-picture-books-to-honor-and-remember.html
  2. Videos to Watch https://freedomhomeschooling.com/learn-about-september-11th-with-videos/
  3. Practice the Pledge of Allegiance or Teach your children the Star Spangled Banner
  4. For older children, read the Constitution or Bill of Rights; or watch some summarized videos on them https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+constitution+for+kids
  5. Attend a local Celebration
  6. Deliver Cookies or Baked Breads to Local Heroes-Firefighters, Police Officers, EMTs, and/or ER and Hospital personnel. Here are some free printable Thank You Cards your kids can make and take with the goodies! https://www.sunnydayfamily.com/2017/01/printable-thank-you-cards-for-kids.html
  7. Put Little Flags, like these https://amzn.to/3piZiQv in your yard
  8. Learn about New York City
  9. Have a New York style dinner! Here are some ideas- https://www.wanderlustingk.com/travel-blog/classic-nyc-food
  10. Read some Poems remembering that day https://heavy.com/news/2015/09/9-11-poems-quotes-september-11th-remembering-timeline-remembrance-2015-stories-2001-911/

And one more for a bonus! Commit to Praying for our nation, for our leaders, for our local governments, and for our local emergency personnel. Here are some of my favorite resources to help with that–

  1. Praying for America
  2. Pray for America Bible
  3. God be With Us- A Daily Guide to Praying for Our Nation
  4. Pray for Our Nation
  5. 31 Days of Prayer for my Nation
  6. If my People- A 40 day Prayer Guide for our Nation
  7. Desperate for Change – 40 Days of Prayer for America

Let me know what ideas you’d add, or which of these activities you tried and how it went!

Until next time, be blessed!

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