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  • DIY Essential Oil Shelf for Under $10!!!
    Are you like me and have essential oil bottles and diffusers in almost every room of the house? Need more essential oil storage for a small space? Check out the easy-peasy DIY essential oil shelf my husband and I made recently for under $10! I found I had a cluster of essential oil bottles always […More...]
  • Family Fun Night! How to Connect as a Family
    One thing that I’ve learned from parenting books and classes (and experience) over the 14 years of being a parent, is you can’t expect your child to want to connect with you, spend time with you, or obey you if you don’t pursue a relationship with them first. If you desire to have […More...]
  • Amazing Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Drop Biscuits!
      I’m not a professional recipe blogger, so forgive the lack of “jump to recipe” button! But when you make something that turns out so good, you just have to share it….You Have to Share It! I made some gluten-free, dairy-free biscuits a few weeks ago when I had a taste […More...]
  • 20 of the Best Self-Quarantine Date Night Ideas
    “Self-Quarantine” and “social-distancing”—new phrases we’ll never forget.  With everything going on these past few weeks and everything still to come, I have noticed people, including myself, that just need some normalcy.  Yes, we may be self-quarantining, and […More...]
  • Personalizing Education, a Reason to Homeschool
      I recently attended the Texas Homeschool Coalition’s annual conference. I was trying to remember how many years we’ve been now and I would have to check my old planners to be sure…but I believe it’s around 7 or 8! Plus other homeschool conferences around the state.   Some years I think about […More...]
  • Take the High Road
      Take the High Road Sometimes we pride ourselves on taking the high road. We teach our kids to be the better person. But if we don’t do that willingly and joyfully, if we aren’t serving genuinely from our hearts, it shows and the fruit is lacking.   The other day I was at an […More...]
  • Book Review – The 12 Week Year
    I just finished up a book and I had to share about it here.  It may not be the kind of book you’d expect to see reviewed here, but I think it’s worth sharing here.  The methods in this book can be applied to any area of your life, including relationships! If you’re wanting to […More...]
  • Christmas is Over, But the Spirit of Giving doesn’t Have to Be
    Christmas time is when everyone thinks about giving gifts to others. Then we laugh and joke and marketers have termed the week after Christmas as the time to return what you didn’t want and buy what you really wanted. But giving doesn’t have to be just gifts and it doesn’t have to […More...]
  • Fashion Friday- Thanksgiving Outift Inspiration
      Today I wanted to share cute, affordable outfit inspiration for that casual, yet put-together look you’re going for this Thanksgiving! Getting together with family and friends should be an enjoyable time. But I realize for many, it can also be stressful and nerve-wrecking.  Fear of […More...]
  • I broke my Kids’ Hearts this Halloween and it was the Best Thing I Could’ve Done
      Halloween is right around the corner, and my children each had a specific costume they wanted to wear to Trunk or Treat.  All together they were going to cost around $100 on Amazon. As a homeschool family, on one main income, things are tight sometimes. And I just couldn’t allow them […More...]

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