20 of the Best Self-Quarantine Date Night Ideas

“Self-Quarantine” and “social-distancing”—new phrases we’ll never forget.  With everything going on these past few weeks and everything still to come, I have noticed people, including myself, that just need some normalcy.  Yes, we may be self-quarantining, and limiting contact with people, but we still need to have fun, we can still serve others, and we still need to be intentional about our relationship with our children and our spouse.


We’ve all seen hundreds of links with ideas to keep the kiddos busy during their school cancellations, but I haven’t seen anyone talking about ideas for dating your spouse during a quarantine.  All the restaurants are closed, gyms are closing, before long it at least feels like EVERYTHING will be closed.  So what’s a couple to do when they need a date night?  With social distancing, we can’t really go to the movies, can’t go out to eat, might not be wise to go up and down every aisle at Target or Home Depot right now.  So, I came up with a list of 20 ideas for Quarantine Date Nights to help you all connect in positive ways and continue dating your spouse while staying safe and healthy!

20 of the Best Self-Quarantine Date Night Ideas


  • Picnic in the Park. Pack up a picnic and drive around. Find a park that is not crowded and have a relaxed dinner with each other.  Bring a throw-away table cloth so there’s no touching germy surfaces!
  • Have a Karaoke Night. Start with some fun songs, oldies, and favorites, then serenade each other with some of your favorite romantic songs.
  • Late Dinner & Movie. Put the kiddos to bed a little earlier than usual and have dinner BY YOURSELVES for a change!  Then watch a movie together, cuddle, kiss like when you were dating.  No other activities allowed!
  • Bake Something Together. Browse recipes on pinterest, pick something you both will enjoy, make it and bake it together. Then enjoy it together!
  • Watch your Wedding Video and look through Wedding Photos. Grab a stack of post-it notes and write down memories about the pictures to keep with them. Reminisce and laugh over the memories!
  • Stand-up Comedy in your Living Room! Put Youtube on the Roku, and find your favorite comedian or ask your friends on facebook for their favorites and peruse some of them for the evening!
  • Go for a walk or a bike ride together.

  • Dance! Push the furniture back, put on some music and dance together. You could even put youtube on the tv and learn new dances together!
  • Go Geocaching!
  • Have a Brainstorming Night. Talk about your goals and dreams. Brainstorm ideas. Come up with a plan to make some of them happen and put it into action.
  • Have a day on the Lake. If you have a boat spend some time, just the two of you, out on the water.  If not, go spend some time at the lake fishing or walking.

  • Grab some coffee or tea and drive around looking at houses. Or enjoy the drinks watching the Travel Channel at home. Daydream together about where you’d like to go!
  • Serve together. Maybe you can take groceries or meals to elderly people you know. Call around to local non-profit organizations and see what kind of help they need.  Or check out Spark Crates.  These boxes come with serving opportunities, most you can complete at home and deliver!
  • Paint each other! Each of you set up a canvas. (Great price HERE) Then each of you try your best to paint a portrait of the other person.  When you’re both done, reveal it to each other!
  • If you have a hot tub, use it! If not, visit a local sauna together!
  • Make your own (personalized) versions of Watch ya’ Mouth or charades, and play!
  • Massages! Take turns giving each other back and neck massages or other spa treatments.
  • Workout together! Pull up Youtube on the Roku and find a fun workout video you can do together. There are tons of videos to choose from—HIIT, Zoomba, Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, you name it! Or Save up and Splurge on the new Mirror Home Fitness System!
  • Camping! You could go all out and go camp at a state park, or pitch your tent in the back yard, or even in the living room! Catch the sunset while you’re at it!
  • Work on a project together. We all have that list of things that never seems to get done.  Doing them WITH someone else always makes it more enjoyable and easier to accomplish.

Download this free Quarantine Date-Night Bingo Printable (with bonus ideas) by subscribing below! You can put this on your fridge or somewhere handy and let this motivate you to follow through with having more date nights with your spouse (and get a bingo)!!

Hopefully, you won’t need ALL 20 of these ideas before we’re able to get out to restaurants and movie theaters again.  But even after these days of self-quarantine are over, you can save this list of ideas for when you want to save some money or just want to have an at-home date night!  Make it a priority to be intentional about pursuing your spouse, connecting, and making memories together, even through the changes and chaos.


Until next time, stay well!








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