New Year’s Eve Style + 5 Ways to Have a Memorable Night at Home


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I don’t know about you, but as a stay at home mom, I look forward to the times I actually get to dress up for something.  Sure, I have days (many days) when I’m Oh-So-Thankful that my uniform is yoga pants and a t-shirt…but I feel better about myself, more confident, more beautiful, and I just have more self-respect in general when I take more care in my appearance. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily a vanity thing, it’s not an insecurity.  It’s just a “I want to feel like the beautiful creation God made me to be” thing!  Not only that, but when you’ve been married for 10+ years, you tend to get a little slack with each other, the newness has definitely worn off, and let’s be honest…It’s a little harder to feel romantic towards each other.  So my advice is to get dressed up, at least for your dates…even if you’re just going to Target or Home Depot! I’ve begun to say, “bring your best” to your spouse. We tend to get dressed up to go to church, “bringing our best” to God, and other “important events,” so why not bring our best to our second love, who’s also very important to us…our spouse!


With that in mind, what are you plans for New Year’s Eve? There have been many years we just haven’t done anything special.  We haven’t gone to parties and danced the night away.  We’ve had little children, we’ve been tired, we’ve been broke, we’ve been tired…haha  I want to encourage you, whatever you do, to go all out!  Whether you go to a party, or go out for a fancy dinner, or go to a gathering of friends, or stay at home and pop the kiddy pack of fireworks, or lay on the couch and watch the ball drop on TV. Get dressed up and toast glasses of mocktails in your living room at a minimum! I love holidays because they’re about making memories with your loved ones.  So even if you’re broke or too tired to go out, get dolled up and make a special “date” at home! You’ll feel wonderful, and you’ll make memories with your husband or family.

Here is an outfit I put together that’s comfortable (one of my top priorities with clothes) yet dazzling for a New Year’s Eve Out…or In!

Pleated Round Neckline Tee | Necklace | Earrings

Black Crystal Bracelet | Braided Rope Bracelet | Charleston Stretch Bracelet

Black Snakeskin Clutch | Black Boots

Be intentional. Plan ahead to make the holiday memorable. A quick search on Pinterest will give you more than enough ideas to have a wonderful time with your family! Here are a few of my favorites for a night of at-home fun:


  1. Make a Balloon Drop
  2. Make a Silly Photo Backdrop with Props to take pics with your family!
  3. Drink Healthy “Mocktails.” My recipe is SO simple!  Take a small fancy cup or champagne glass for New Year’s and pour 2 oz of Young Living’s NingXia Red in each cup or glass. Then fill them up with La Croix Lime Sparkling Water! So good! And what a healthy way to start the new year!  If you don’t have NingXia on hand, you can get it here, enter ID #1849636. Or just use some grape or apple juice!
  4. Create a Time Capsule with your family. Ask everyone to put in some of their favorite memories from the year, maybe a few pictures, a tracing of your child’s hand print, and maybe a short list of what they (and you) hope to improve on this next year! Your Modern Family has printouts to write down a little about 2017! Check them out here! You could even go all-out and get an actual time-capsule to put your mementos in!
  5. Make a New Year’s Eve Date Basket for your spouse!  When you have the children in bed, pull it out and enjoy a date together!  Put whatever suits you and your spouse in there! A Redbox DVD and some popcorn (My Favorite Popcorn). Or some massage oil , a Groupon Certificate for a local massage, and candles. You know your spouse best! Make it personal!

What are your favorite things to do on New Year’s Eve? Please Share!

Have a Happy & Blessed New Year!


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