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DIY Essential Oil Shelf for Under $10!!!

Are you like me and have essential oil bottles and diffusers in almost every room of the house? Need more essential oil storage for a small space? Check out the easy-peasy DIY essential oil shelf my husband and I made recently for under $10! I found I had a cluster of essential oil bottles always […]

Why I’m Ordering these Essential Oils

Two years ago, I started participating in the Essential Rewards program through Young Living Essential Oils.  I started using essential oils and I’ve been a wholesale member since 2014, but just didn’t think we could afford to order something every month. However, as I began to use more and more holistic and natural health care, […]

Get Essential Oil Information & Recipes

Every now and then I share Essential Oil tips, hacks, DIYs, and recipes over on my Instagram page EssentialOilDailyTips. I’ll be sharing some of that here, too.  Be sure to subscribe below if you’d like these gems in your inbox! If you ever feel like the information is no longer relevant, you can always unsubscribe! […]